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Care Connect Services

We're here to help when disaster strikes as well as connect clients with the everyday services they may need!

Our CPAA Team manages the Pathways hub for
Care Connect services
in our region consisting of  7 counties.

Care Connect Washington is a program to provide food and other necessities to people who have either tested positive for COVID-19 or been exposed and need support to isolate or quarantine at home. The state Department of Health, working with local health jurisdictions and their partners, is operating Care Connect Washington on a region-by-region basis. Each region works with community-based partners to connect people to services they are eligible for, such as medication delivery, health care, help applying for unemployment, local housing agencies, food banks, childcare providers and more. Help is made based on need.

To make it possible for people in isolation or quarantine to stay home, Care Connect Washington provides such things as personal care kits, nonperishable food kits, and fresh food orders delivered to their homes. If other essential needs are identified, such as financial assistance for paying bills, a local care coordinator helps people apply for local resources or services they may be eligible for, or provides them direct assistance in paying bills such as rent, mortgage, and utilities. When isolation or quarantine ends, the care coordinator can connect people to longer-term local services to support ongoing health and social needs. Care Connect Washington provides the information people need in their preferred language.

Call 1-800-525-0127

The Pathways HUB model was developed to help people build the confidence, skills, and resources to address underlying health issues so that clients can be advocates for their health and wellbeing. The Pathways model puts a focus on all aspects of a client’s health including things like safe and stable housing, transportation, education, and other things that create barriers to health.

To learn more about this model in CPAA's work with the Medicaid Transformation project, click here.

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