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Request for proposals: video and creative consulting for "connection creates health" video project

Release date: May 28, 2024



Who we are

CHOICE (Community Health Organization Improving Care and Equity) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting health equity, and improving healthcare access, outcomes, and systems of care. We serve everyone in the Central Western Washington region, which is home to unique and diverse communities in the jurisdictions of Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Cowlitz, Pacific, Grays Harbor, and Wahkiakum counties and the sovereign nations of the Chehalis, Chinook, Cowlitz, Nisqually, Quinault, Shoalwater Bay, Skokomish, and Squaxin Island Tribes.

The safety, health, and well-being of our region is central to the work we do (and we love what we do!).

CHOICE is also the Accountable Community of Health (ACH) serving the central western Washington region. ACHs work with their communities on health care and social needs-related projects and activities. Learn more about ACHs.

What we do

In addition to improving health access and outcomes across the region, we advocate for and support local solutions to local challenges.

Part of these efforts include:

  • Blue Zones Activate: A community-led initiative focused on improving overall well-being and longevity by implementing evidence-based strategies derived from the Blue Zones approach. CHOICE funded the implementation of this project in Mason, Lewis, and Grays Harbor counties in 2023. Learn more about Blue Zones Activate.

  • Health Equity Cohort: A group convened by CHOICE comprised of key stakeholders and community leaders working collaboratively to address health equity issues, improve health outcomes in the region, and inform recommendations for a regional health equity improvement plan. The cohort will conduct their work from June – December 2024. Learn more about the Cohort.



CHOICE seeks proposals from qualified creative agencies within central western Washington to produce a comprehensive video storytelling project. This project aims to inspire and engage community members by showcasing the impact of Blue Zones Activate and fostering a sense of connection that contributes to improved health outcomes. Additionally, the project includes capturing the efforts of the Health Equity Cohort and planning future storytelling opportunities.


The selected agency will be responsible for the following:

  • Consultation: Collaborate with CHOICE to develop storyboards and scripts aligning with the theme, "connection creates health."

  • Messaging strategies: Provide expertise in crafting messages that resonate with the target audience and promote community engagement.

  • Coordination: Organize and conduct interviews with key stakeholders, community members, and project participants.

  • Filming: Lead on-site filming to capture compelling visuals showcasing Blue Zones initiatives and Health Equity Cohort activities.

  • Editing: Produce high-quality video content, incorporating interviews, testimonials, and relevant footage.

  • Publishing: Assist in the promotion of the video through appropriate channels to maximize reach and impact.

  • Future expansion: Offer insights and recommendations for expanding the storytelling project to include additional community-based efforts, such as community-based care coordination.


The agency will deliver the following:

  • Blue Zones video: A compelling 2-3 minute video highlighting the impact of Blue Zones Activate in Grays Harbor, Lewis, and Mason counties. Any and all footage captured and collected related to the video including raw, edited, and final files. A suite of photos and shorter .10 and .20 second clips to be used for varying promotional strategies.

  • Health Equity Cohort footage: Attend three in-person Health Equity Cohort meetings (1-2 hours each) to capture footage, b-roll, and conduct 1-2 question interviews with participants. Provide professional headshots for all ten Cohort members.

  • Future storytelling plan: A detailed plan outlining future video storytelling opportunities in collaboration with CHOICE.

  • Storyboard and script: For all video content produced.

  • Edited video (final cut): For the Blue Zones and Health Equity Cohort segments.

  • Distribution strategy recommendations: For effectively promoting and distributing the video content.


The maximum allowable budget for this project is $23,000, inclusive of all expenses related to pre-production, production, and post-production phases, as well as any costs accrued for travel.


The project is expected to span approximately 6-8 months from the date of contract, including the following milestones:

  • Proposal submission period: May 28 - June 14

  • CHOICE evaluating proposals and requesting virtual interviews with top candidates: June 14 – June 21

  • Final selection and notification: June 28

  • Contract beings: July 1

  • Consultation and planning: Month 1

  • Filming and interviews: Months 2-6

  • Editing and post-production: Months 5-6

  • Distribution and promotion: Months 7-8

  • Consultation and recommendations for future storytelling expansion: Months 1-8

Submission guidelines

Interested creative agencies are invited to submit their proposals by June 14, detailing their approach, relevant experience, and proposed budget breakdown. Please send your submissions to

Evaluation criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated understanding of the project scope and objectives

    • Comprehension of the project goals, CHOICE’s mission, and Blue Zones Activate objectives.

  • Experience and expertise in video storytelling and community engagement.

    • Portfolio of previous projects.

    • Examples of experience in engaging communities.

  • Creativity and innovation in proposed approach and messaging strategies

    • Creative visual storytelling ideas.

  • Realistic budget and timeline

    • Detailed and realistic budget breakdown

    • Detailed timeline

    • Efficient resource allocation

  • Alignment with CHOICE's mission and values

    • Clear articulation of how the proposal aligns with CHOICE’s mission and goals.

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