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UW Medicine Announces Suicide and Recovery Small Grants Program

UW Medicine's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences is pleased to announce the launch of a new Suicide Prevention and Recovery Small Grants Program that will fund up to ten research grants to support projects related to preventing suicide, promoting the recovery of suicide survivors and supporting the families and caregivers impacted by suicide. They welcome new, innovative ideas that demonstrate a high potential for impact and continued funding beyond the initial investment. Award amounts will be up to $25,000.

The program is funded by a wonderful gift from the Mary. E Nelson Charitable Remainder Trust, Heidi Combs Trustee. Deadline for applications is February 28, 2022. Please reach out to Andie Uomoto ( for application information and/or if you have any questions.

And in other news from the UW Psychiatry Consultation Line: Attn. ACH Executives,

As many of you know, the psychiatry department at the University of Washington runs a Psychiatry Consultation Line (PCL) to help address the shortage of mental health professionals in our state. Many healthcare providers find themselves treating adult patients with mental health and/or substance use conditions without the training, expertise or confidence to do so and with limited to no support from a trained mental health clinician. The PCL was established to bridge this gap by providing free, 24/7 access to a psychiatric consultation.

The PCL is staffed by UW psychiatry faculty members – not residents or locum doctors. A typical consult is about 15-20 minutes. Questions range from help with a diagnosis to really complicated polypharmacy issues. The service is funded by the state – it is free for both the provider and patient. All prescribers are eligible to call (MD, DO, PharmD, ND, ARNP, PA/PA-C, DNP, MBBS).

Although feedback about the consult line has been phenomenal and the call volume continues to rise, there are likely many providers who are unaware about the line or have hesitancy about using the line for a variety of reasons.

The PCL team would like to join a ACH call to provide more information about the line, answer any questions you have, and brainstorm ideas of how they can raise awareness across the state. Continued messaging from a variety of different sources is key and partnerships with the ACHs have been particularly useful in the past.

Please reach out to Becky Sladek (, PCL outreach director, or Jennifer Magnani (, PCL operations director, to get them added to an upcoming meeting. Thank you!

Becky Sladek, MS

OFFICE: 206.221.5337 EMAIL: WEB:

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