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Medical Team

Bi-Directional Integrated Care

The objective of this project is to develop an integrated network of providers who address both physical and behavioral health needs in one system. This will offer better coordinated care for patients and more seamless access to services using a whole-person approach to care. Integration will include both integrating behavioral health into primary care settings and integrating primary care into behavioral health settings.

Bi-Directional Care Integration focuses on delivering whole-person care, addressing physical and behavioral health in an integrated system where medical and behavioral health providers work together to deliver and coordinate care, and improving access to care. Moving into an integrated system means following Collaborative Care principles including shared care plans, tracking treatments in patient registries, using evidence-based screening tools and treatment, and receiving reimbursement for quality of care and clinical outcomes. By implementing Collaborative Care principles, we aim to close the gap between primary care and behavioral health services, improve health outcomes and wellbeing for the most vulnerable populations, and create sustainable, transformational change to the health care system.

The initiative is 1 of 6 programs adopted by CPAA for the initial Medicaid Transformation Project (MTP) 5-Year Waiver which began in 2017 and has been directed and managed by CHOICE Regional Health Network.

In 2022, the Washington Health Care Authority, approved by CMS, granted an extension Year 6 to allow CPAA and its partners to complete and assess sustaining initiatives.  

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